Sefer Torah for Chaim

הילד חיים בן חפצי אילוז ז"ל

One minute he was here, the next minute he was gone.

14 month old Chaim's mommy kissed him on the cheek and gently put him into his crib for his afternoon nap. She left to go to a friends house while Chaim's Daddy stayed home babysitting.

At 4:30 Chaim's daddy tiptoed into the room and gently shook his son to wake him up so that he would be able to sleep at night. Chaim did not wake up. His father and then Hatzala made frantic efforts to bring him back but they were unsuccessful. Rachmana litzlan, in the 2 hours that Chaim had thought to have been napping, he had quietly passed away.

Only a few hours after tickling him under the chin, and pushing him in a swing, delighting in ringing laughter they ----------- buried their little son.

There were no hespeidim, as what is there to say about a little baby of 14 months?!

Now, as the family sits down to Shiva and faces an empty crib, and little baby clothes still hanging on hangers, what can we do to show them how much Klal Yisrael cares??

I have undertaken to raise funds to write a Sefer Torah to be completed by the first yahrtzeit.

Ki Heim Chayeinu: Torah is our life! In the memory of Chaim please help us write a Sefer Torah. A Toras Chaim.

Thank you for your support! May you never know any pain.

Your friend,

Yossi Rosenthal

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